The Wings of Your Favourite Brand

Here are the 8 winners for my group 11th contest --- Your Favourite Brand

I would like to share opinions and thought from my own point of view towards the sets.

We can take these fabulous outfit which created by my group members as our fashion inspiration too.

Please discuss and comment at the end of this post, let us learn form each others : )

1st Place

* D&G dress + Miu Miu platform pumps.
* A classic yet stylish outfit.
* Love the pearl necklace gave the overall an eastern vintage feel.

2nd Place

* Lanvin outfit.
* An edgy yet sexy dress.
* The handbag makes overall alive.

3rd place

* Givenchy wear + Tacori accessories.
* A very cool wear. 
* Love the studded tote bag, it had lift the overall feel towards the peak of completion.

4th Place

* Net-a-porter tank + chanel handbag.
* A young and playful outfit.
* Love the jeans jacket, it gave a modern boyish feel.

5th Place

* Miu Miu outfit.
* A lovely and bright outfit.
* Love this doll dress, it simply cute, significant and attractive.

6th Place


chanel by Bianca:me featuring a chanel dress

* Chanel outfit.
* A soft and elegant style.
* Love the dress, simply well designed!

7th Place

* Net-a-porter shirt + Prada tote bag.
* A urban-edgy style.
* Love the balmain jacket, it makes the overall more stylish and pretty.

8th Place

* Elle dress + Chanel flats.
* A simple, lovely and energetic outfit.
* Love the dress match with the red flats which bring out the style of easy-going.

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