The Wings of BRIGHT Shines

Here are the 8 winners for my group 12th contest --- BRIGHT Shines

I would like to share opinions and thought from my own point of view towards the sets.

We can take these fabulous outfit which created by my group members as our fashion inspiration too.

Please discuss and comment at the end of this post, let us learn form each others : )

1st Place


<3 by Ela* featuring stretch bracelets

* Really delightful colour combination.
* Edgy outfit to wear.
* The belt and scarf are the key elements to make the outfit totally stand out.

2nd Place

* Cool outfit to wear.
* Great match between the bright cherry colour Tee and the lace-up boots.
* Well-accessorized, especially the pin brooches! :)

3rd Place

* Delicious colour combo.
* A touch of orange colour make the overll looks more playful and chic.
* Stylish outfit to wear.

4th Place

* Lovely red + blue colour match.
* Nautical and summer style.
* So cute to wear.

5th Place

* Nice colour match between yellow and darker blue.
* cardigan match with the beaded boots are simply gorgeous.
* Intellectual outfit to wear.

6th Place

* Sweet outfit to wear.
* Nice mix and match with a floral blazer and a white dress.
* The orange leather handbag is the smart choice to match with the blazer.

7th Place

* Pretty colour combination between black and yellow.
* street style.
* Floral pant + a yellow brogue are simply stylish and vintage.

8th Place

* Attractive green + white outfit to wear.
* Gorgeous and refreshing style.
* Green colour dress match with a blazer make overall looks attitude and charming.

I love all the outfit as above.
They are so wearble and inspired.

♥ the bright colours combination, it makes you look energitic at anytime >.<

BRIGHT shines. Speak now.

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