Polyvore Make Your Wishlist

Polyvore has created this amazing contest for all users which we could receive one item from your wishlist^^
Join it too :)

This is all the romance-fashion items in my wishlist.

1 The white bag
* is perfect for any edgy outfit, and I like edgy wear too♥

2 The Sequin sneaker
* so lovely to wear, and I really want it to match with my polka dots dress in my wardrobe currently.
She needs this to be perfect♥

3 The Valentino skirt
* love the design, simply gorgeous^^
I want to wear it when I have a chance to Rome.

4 The Chanel dress
* Vintage-inspired.
Love its colour and cutting. It makes me feel that I am a little princess when I have a chance to wear it♥

5 The Miu Miu shoes
* Amazing creation.
I just love it. It can be wear with many style.
I am gonna take photograph as many as I can when I have a chance to get it♥

6 The Alexander Wang dress
* Classy yet sexy design.
That's why I am always in love with Alexander Wang pieces.
Love to wear it with my Chanel shoulder bag if I have it too♥

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