another side of beauty by Andrej Pejic

Pretty could be interpreted in many of literal ways.
I think that's an aspect to show a thing, matter or people in their own way..
with the dose of independent, proud and confident.

when I saw Andrej Pejic at very first, I think that this model is super gorgeous with a little sense of masculine cool..
 then, I saw that 'she' actually is a 'he'.. all I have is the big wonder in my heart.. and a question mark keep appearing in my mind.. "How could this guy is so beautiful?' .. wow

All he have is the classic beauty of a chic.. blonde hair, juicy lips and attractive eyes.
He mostly modeling for women clothing lines and shows, presented his unique face, feminine temperament and confident movement.
I like how he expressed himself in an artistic way..
and sometimes confusion makes everything looks fascinated and lovely.  

"I think professionally I am capable of being very versatile." the statement which mostly draw my attention.
Andrej Pejic states that he is not interested to be categorized in some sort of 'style', he thinks that every people have their own needs to cooperate with any models in the model industry.
someone needs a boyish model, someone needs sexy woman and much more..
it couldn't have a boundary for a model's style which I pretty much agree with him.

everyone have their own rights to interpret the word of pretty..
as long as you think it's a right thing for you...
and you are right for what you think...
fashion do.

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