creative art with vomiting

I enjoy lots of art, some are artistic creation.. some are imaginative work.. and some are attitude-personal artwork presentation which wow and be inspiring for me..
when I first saw this 'Nexus Vomitus' collaboration between a vomiting artist, Millie Brown and opera singers, Patricia Hammond & Zita Syme... I just can't believe it. 

I saw kinds of artwork, there are some creative, beautiful and well-defined..
for this art collection, I just cant find a proper word to describe it.. : p

amazed with the art thinking of 'vomit' way with the milk which adding on the food colouring, she consumes it and expelled out to create the pretty flowy-movement rainbow-like image on the canvas later.
matching together with the soundtracks by Patricia Hammond & Zita Syme..
and her artwork also been documented in SHOWstudio with the live performance video here♥

I actually doesn't know how to react with her 'vomiting', but what I appreciate the most is the spirit behind her artwork.
this self-called 'vomit artist' surprising us with her unique thinking and strong feel of artistry, fashion should be like that, too.
A spirit with daring to try new things, create something new and changing for better or even the best.

Wonder if it is possible to apply this concept onto fashion design?..
maybe not with the vomit way, but spray-alike.. who knows.
missing my spray-alike sneakers which I made when I was 15.

maybe I could try to drink my morning-oat and use the same vomit art form and create sort of fashion-related artwork?..
oat..? ehh...

p.s: take a look on my writing for Luuk Magazine about the new cosmetic way, here♥

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