the icy frenzy

Things come to be prettier when there is much layering to play for on the garment.
With layering, garment would looks interesting, seems like children never get enough with the candy in different tastes, and would very happy when they get it everytime.

It’s great to see Sarah Burton continues the daring, challenging and creative spirit of Alexander McQueen with adding on a new element on the details – the femininity. And this is what I captivating the most on her collection. But, I kind of miss the memorable edge of slightly suppressed violence on the pieces by RIP Alexander McQueen himself.      

Fall/Winter 2011 collection reminds us the ‘Ice Queen’ in black and white. Feather, sheer and ruffles play the main role. A new excitement is implementing in the collection which zig zag and leather be the interesting details to break the softness with adding on a little bit masculine.
I love this barely contrast on the garment, and also the most surprising element which I could found in the collection.

It’s always not-so-easy when you are taking a fashion design scissor and need to complete the whole collection for every season, even more you are expecting by all people around the world who wish to feel more surprises on the design everytime.   

I could feel that Sarah Burton desire to live her new way but it can’t denied that she still need to channeling the actual Alexander McQueen design house.

Maybe time is the great tool for all of us to accept there is another new era of ‘Sarah McQueen’, but I still expecting more from our lovely “Little cross softness in masculine Princess” who working hard in her design always.

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