diagonal cut redesign

I think I must be emotionally towards everything in fashion, and it's good for me to be emotional.
'it can't make you go through the door, but there will be a door open for you'..
read it on a page which interviewed Dean of Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, Jane Rapley when I went to Page One, Singapore.
this statement stops my step, and I started emotionally towards what I wish to achieve in the fashion design world.

don't really know the proper tailoring, proper fashion education.. and self-learning all of it.
but what I have in my mind is full of ideas, concepts and 'fuminized' spirit which I always believe that
A dream will always just be a dream if you never walk out the first step..
Your attitude will determine your creation....

I always wish I could have a chance to further more studies on what I really willing to die for (fashion).. and I planning on it, making clothes and my complete collection step by step, hopefully I could have a dream comes true in the coming year.

the meaning of 'life' for me, is you are willing to live it to the fullest and shine it with your own way.
when you are working hard on your dream, I believe it would be a new door to spare for you.. if not..
you could live diagonally, cut-out the unwanted.. pick up the most you could willing to die for, and reach it as best as you could..
when you open your eyes, you would know you could create a world you never made before!

below-the-knee dress length make the design looks more solid and varied.    
and it's the new length coming back for this Spring.

cut the full length of it to become a shorter dress, sewing with some zig zag pattern + a vintage pearl button which I get from a lovely friend.. adding a sheer layer on it, fold it and sew it together to create a lily-alike at the diagonal-sided of the velvet dress.

inspired by the diagonal cuts between 70s' and 80s', pieces-design are always categorized more in minimalism.
Light-embellished would increase the beauty of dress curve and soften the overall style.

Diagonalize your dress length in this season and..
live your life with diagonally.

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