Fishnet shirt redesign + Chinese beaded knot DIY

I always think that the content is the king for a blog.
have a fancy camera to shoot pretty pictures is not a necessary but a supplementary tools to help to strengthen your content.. 
have kinds of branded pieces to style yourself is not a must but a great image you could build up your style with great design..
we cant deny that, beautiful things always attract our attention the most.
I am glad to hold this redesign project which won much hype among my readers and visitors, it make my imagination go wild when I designing a piece.. and I super enjoy in redesign.

I joined a discussion in IFB about "how you responding to *follow my blog!* messages & comments?" it provided interesting ways to handle all the spam mails and discussing among blogger on how to increase your traffic without sending spam mails to others.
you all could take a look here, it's worth to read and feel free to discuss with others.

the beaded Chinese knot which I study recently is the main inspiration for the redesign today.
I love the complicated knot match with a simple garment which could fully-emphasize the beauty of the knot-embellished.
Half-circle cut on a fishnet shirt, and chosen a soften-linen-lace which sew at the sleeve with folded layering.

pink stripy-patterned beads tie together with knit and I made a complicated-Chinese-knot at the center..
a necklace with knots are ready to match with the top I redesign. 
an interrelation between West and East design could be so well-fitting with each others, I like a dose of red on a monochrome piece and my DIY floral dress.  

At this moment, I want to be a China Girl who playing happily with floral and knots detailing..
and rockin' in my design world.

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