I heart simple fashion

when it comes to fashion, simple yet minimalistic are the most difficult to applied it well on design pieces.
a potential designer could make pretty clothes only with clean cuts, simple details and textured fabrics..
and always create more and more surprises.

the most attractive part which grabs my attention by Claude Maus collection which is how he presented the concept of 'simple fashion'.
the textured fabrics are widely been used in his collection with more stylish cutting, and the sleek-cut jacket is simply hard to resist.

Rob Maniscalco is the designer behind the fashion label 'Claude Maus'. He originally used the brand name for some art project or exhibition as he is an artist/graphic designer background.
he approaches women's wear to a line of boyish yet remain with female in mind, I like how he applied the man's wildness and relaxing on his design.

simple fashion which brings out the relaxing and softness of women, and what we captivating Audrey Hepburn the most is she knows 'less is more'!

loving fashion, loving simple.
I made this collage and create some inspiration for the fashion style in this season.
with a tie-dye-printed crop tee, match with a sheer tiered skirt to create a girly rock style with a sporty lace-up sneakers.. and a punk hairstyle with relaxing bangs and darker shades of make up.

simple fashion could be another fashion storm which highlighted more and more on sleek and clean designs in this fashion world.

p.s: one of my set which inspired form the fashion chic, Alexa Chung which is featured in Top Sets 15th April, 2011 by Polyvore.com, take a look here♥

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