Pin-it-Up with 125th-Years-of Coca Cola

past would not be the thing you should recall, but the nostalgic memories you could bringing back to have a fashion makeover.
red, red and red is the only element which I thought it's the main thing you would discover among the pin-up girls. Lace, ruffles, polka dots, retro hairstyle, lovely lingerie, socks, flowy dress and anything could be wear for accentuate a woman's features, shapes and style.

A bold red lip which bring out the sense of retro glamour should be try on this beauty trend in Spring 2011. Pin-up girls show not merely the sexy and wildness, but the brazen sense of femininity with flawless make up such as versatile lips shape and colour, well polished cat-black-eyeliner and the hairstyle with voluminous-wave curls.

it's worth to take a look the fashion among these pin-up girls, I like the bold red lipsticks..  even gorgeous Beyonce and other celebrities love it too.

it's crucial to find a right one which match with your skin.
otherwise, you might be looks weird and you are not going to touch this wonderful colour again : p
take a look on this how-to video for detailed cat-eyeliner look♥

to appreciate the beautiful memories from the past with the most iconic identity, Coca Cola using charming Varga Girls on the design of soda packaging to celebrate its succeed from the past 125 years.
the pin-up girls with smile showing the confident of the women and they enjoy their beautiful day, i think it's not about the sexy issue, but how the girls present personality with their own way.

get some inspiration too from 50 years of American pin-ups♥

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