starry starry night

A great friend is someone you could rely on when you need to; someone you could feel relaxing in front to; someone you would like to share everything about happy and sad with; and someone like a star who could always connect together as a line with you in the vast sky over the night.
If a great friend as what I talk about as above, I used to have a great friend.
although she leaves this wonderful world and me without 'my permission' :( ...
I will think about her everytime when I see the star in the sky.

because of her, I fall in love with anything related the star without any reasons, including stars pattern.
when I saw the stars, I feel that it is like a great friend of mine, showing the sweetness and brightness for me, seems like I am gonna rock with it when I dress up the piece.
I think it is something cute which a girl would like to keen on try it. 

Gifted a light purple starry patterns dress which bought from Japan, match it with my biker jacket from a friend of Taiwan.. adding on a redesign sequin black knotted-vest from me...
to create the masculine-feminine beauty with my faux furry purple rounded chain bag which is very cute.
since I saw it at the first sight, I knew that I must bring it back^^

starry dress from Japan; biker jacket from Korea; sequin knotted black vest from Fumiko Kawa Redesign; faux furry purple rounded chain bag from Taiwan; fingerless gloves from Japan; lace-socks from Taiwan; studded lace-up boots from Dr. Martens

I dressing up with many layers, with glitters, silk, lace and starry patterns on a light purple dress as above..
they are the fashion elements which emphasized by Dolce and Gabbana in Fall 2011 collection too.
oversize starry earrings, starry-patterned on light chiffon and starry-inspired oversize clutch..
from the blazer to the stars' cut-out heels, Dolce and Gabbana presented accurately the playful glam and classy of eighties.. bringing the girls out for party.

the starry patterns been the limelight for the collection, I like how it is used to embellish the overall with crystal pieces on those sexy chiffon maxi dresses. 
we know we could fall in love with these both designers as they are always innovative to create something new in fashion and closer with us.

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