Fashion Trend in Japan (April 2011)

On 11th March 2011, Japan faced a big tragedy which still vividly for us in our broken pieces of memory.
we are sad about it, spread our love as much as we could to Japan.. and we are hope that Japan would be stronger than we could imagine of.

here we are for another fashion month, and the fashion trend still keep heating.
let's look through what's trend rockin' on the Japan street now~

Spotted: 70s' vintage

* vintage still be the main course for dolls.
* vibrant colours, high-waisted, one-piece, polka dots and ribbon are everywhere.

Spotted: trench coat

* trench coat is the classical fashion must-have in every doll's wardrobe.
* earth-toned colour is best to match with tops and create layering fashion.

Spotted: nautical + maxi dress

* Spring should included nautical elements in your closet.
* stripes, maxi dress and clogs are what you need for this wonderful season. Shine on yourself!

Spotted: cargo pants

* cargo pants bring out the intellectuality of women, it's easy to mix and match with a pair of lace-up boots. 
* fold it below-the-knee length!

Spotted: oversize tote bag

* tote bags with simple yet minimalistic design are the hot item among the dolls.
* Coach, Celine, Balenciaga and Chloe are the recommended bags you could choose for.

Spotted:colour blocking street style

* colour blocking, the biggest trend you can't missed off in this Spring!
* choose a shade of darker and match it with your colour blocking piece, it would be perfect to walk down on the street.

Spotted: bohemian

* shade of bohemian is very romantic and pretty style to try on.
* choose floral dress or top and match it with a chain bag in natural colours.. remember wearing on a pair f wedges to create a relaxing yet lovely looks.

Spotted: cowboy american

* cowboy american style is the cup of tea you must drinking in this season :)
* bags with fringe, brown-ish and lace-up boots with tie which are the items you could buy for your closet without any regret!

Spotted: hats + geek glasses

* dolls still heart for geek-glasses with more sleek and polished shapes, especially back with cat-eyes.
* besides, there is a new trend - geek glasses match with hats to create a playful yet feminine style. Try this out! 

Spotted: scarves-accessorized

* scarves-accessorized, the style which you definitely love it!
* tie it for head-wraps with ribbons, tie it at your neck and remember you could tie it up with your chic tote bags too.. I do it always.. :)

Spotted: tights with pattern

* tights with kind of patterns are really stylish for a rebel-chic style.
* I personally love to buy pairs of tight with fishnet-patterned and DIY the rips on it, trust me.. you could do it yourself with a scissor to create some fantastic rips.

Spotted: braided hairstyle

* braided hairstyle with tie-up are the big trend in this Spring.
* you could check out here to learn how to do this beautiful braids with simple steps.

Spotted: thicker eye-lashes

* thicker eye-lashes is crucial for our make-up in this Spring to create a pair of brighter and clearer eyes.
   it's the window of the soul :)

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