fine clothes by fur fur

rich of motion, emotion and evolution...
this is what I obsessed more and more towards the Japanese Brand - fur fur.

Aya Furuhashi, designer for fur fur always bring me much surprises which I can't expected for more. Her creativity and ideas which comes out designs with well-balanced between relaxing on the loveliness of women, I love how she implemented the well-balance into fur fur lookbook for every season.

An exhibition named "fine clothes!" be held at  and collaborated with the artist, Ken Kagami which presented some interesting combination artwork with used or remake clothes, different materials and uniform detailing.
illustration with lovely cartoon characters, fun lines and graphics make the overall exhibition even more attractive.

sneakers, asymmetrical design jackets, punk elements, badges and different layering on piece are the showcase in the shirty exhibition.
the artwork placed on the rack, and the tee shirts been organize-displayed which shown how Ken Kagami was inspired and created the design pieces.

his artwork also added into fur fur F/W 2011 collection lookbook which pops out interesting visual effects match with the pieces.

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