Jay Chou, dressing too much?

I always think that fashion styling is quite fun and interesting career to involve. You could build up a fashion sense which fully shows your dressing taste and sensibility of fashion trend.
everyone who are interested on it, should give it a shot for yourself.

I had review some news article recently which about the dressing of Asian pop singer - Jay Chou when he took part the Global Asian Chinese Pop Music Awards at Taiwan, 2011.
Media from Taiwan criticized his dressing at the day is "too much".. and many people also agreed on it.
being a fashion stylist is not an easy job, even more being a celebrity : p

Styling for yourself is a getaway to build up your social-network, it's not only a great image for yourself.. but it's a basic manner by you for the public. 
Suitable styling for an occasion is a great tool to heightened your public image, adding on with your own creativity.. it could be your unique styling. 

Jay Chou & Lee Hom

for me, Jay Chou's styling at the event is quite interesting, but what I have in my mind is the hat should be change to plain black fedora without any accessorized.
and I personally wouldn't choose the silver-oversized necklace to burden the overall as the flowers-embellished blazer been chosen.

I would knot the tie with a relaxing pattern which could emphasize the blazer and simplified the overall.
when he holding the trophy which make his overall looks "too much", this is what I found out the key problem is.

but, you can't request for every fashion stylist to look through all the celebrities' styling with trophy rehearsal before they dressing up themselves and walking down on the red carpet, right?

fashion styling is a quite fun and interesting way to learn, like I said ...
not everyone would applause for you when you are standing on the life-stage.
everyone could have their own interpretation towards 'fashion', 
the most crucial thing is you need to be yourself and shine on it^^

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