A fine-quality, Kuro denim

Got jeans?
the classic fashion item which you must included in your closet for lifetime.
honestly, I am not so much fall in love with it.. but what I cant deny is jeans always the best item you could wear it out when you are run of time to dress up yourself :)

I had received emails(and I am so glad to read all about it) to request for some 'male fashion' post, it's so new for me..
but I love to try something new and would very pleasure to write some posts which are interesting for my lovely readers.. so here we are for a classical fashion starter - denim.
denim for those who love traditional. 

A denim work exhibition was held at D-ASSET by a denim brand which named 'Kuro'
Kuro means black in Japanese.
well-quality, great design and 'Made in Japan' : p
the raw denim they use are from Oikawa denim which represents a guarantee of a great and professional quality.
Jeans are hanging at the wall around in the exhibition, the fabric tag, processes and code are clearly stated besides the product.
different kind of jeans could be see clearly and the details too.

love the stitching with polished skills, especially the vintage version I think this is the most suitable for the man who love denim.   
for dolls, you have a new choice for your lovely partner when in 'any' anniversary.. :)

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