seamless sewing of Madame Grès

How would you consider a great design for a dress?
I think about seriously how we could determine it.. with the name of designer, fabric, cutting or price..
there are none of it.
A great design for a dress which in my mind is all about how well the designer knows his/her customers.
He/She must stand for the concept, put the efforts to make the dress and you know you gonna heart it anytime.

it's great that there are many beloved fashion designers exist in the thirties, Lanvin, Hermès, Coco Chanel, Madeleine Vionnet and Madame Grès.

At the time, fashion become more compromising.. people are seeking for a heightened level of feminism and sophisticated. Women would like to dress up themselves with more romantic and elegant silhouette.

Madame Grès found her inspiration through the sculpture as she mentioned that "I wanted to be a sculptor. For me, it's the same thing to work the fabric or stone."
Her real name is Germaine Krebs or known as The Fashion House of Alix, her cut-out design made her dress well-known among the people.

Her rigor of minimalistic and soften-edge is what I fall in love with her design, she well-maintain the balance between hard-edge and soften with the use of asymmetrical cut-off and ruffles.

The sewing work of Madame Grès also been presented by the curator at The Bourdelle Museum, her flawless dresses arranged with the sculpture to emphasize how purity of design, seamless garments and simplicity of concept she implemented on her design pieces. 

the most beautiful thing is when you look at her design which playing with similar fashion elements such as ruffles, cut-out and silk, but they are comes out with different style and design which could perfectly fit well on a woman's figure.. and
you know that she successfully turning our thought that ..
she is fully understands how to dress-up a lady with simple yet timeless design.

Marc Audibet for Madame Grès

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