Pass The Baton

Something old for you, maybe something new for me.
and something unwanted for us, maybe something new for someone really needed.
An interesting and new recycle shop "Pass The Baton" been organized for charity on the web, and also help for those victims of Earthquake in Japan.

this organization provided a forum for the buyers and sellers to exchange item for sale. Brick-and-mortar flagship is the center of this organization.
it's just like a personal culture marketplace which is the main attraction to catch my eyes on it. 

the most interesting part is when the items are sold, the 50% profit would be distributed for the seller.
the seller could be make a choice and directed part of or all the profit to several charity organizations such as ECO, KIDS, FOOD, GREEN, ART, and SPORTS.
except of the words itself, they are actually "something meaningful" icon which worth to take a look.

Items which to be listed are not only a product picture, but a brief profile of the seller and a short note about the item.
when all comes to Charity action, it would be a beautiful dimension for us to choose a right decision to help those who needs our "something old".

the creativity of this web system is really appreciated and I love the concept about it.
Pass The Baton, it represents you could do something with your continuous efforts to make a big picture with all the people around the world.
sounds pretty fantastic, right?

and it's time for you to sell the "something old" item for those who really need it.
be a part of market user now~
for selling items' information, take a look here♥

besides, a charity market by 50 Tokyo-based artists would be held in this month at BATON PASS THE WEB SHOP
all the proceeds would go to NPO charity platform which will donate for those victims at affected areas.
Spread the new donation culture, Spread the love with fashionable new concept to Japan♥

p.s: take a look on my writing for Luuk Magazine about the black-swan fashion ride!

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