China Girls rule the world

I always wonder if I could beading up myself around my entire body, it would be adding on a shade of Chinese ancient's beauty.
I love how the Chinese knot could be tie in different ways, and it's fantastic that all the knots represent the particular meaning as well.

the China Girl by David Bowie make me more drowning with love in the sea of Chinese Beauty of ancient.
oh..little china girl.. I'll give you men who want to rule the world... my china girl..
a bit of funky with the interesting presentation by my favourite singer. 


Ralph Lauren caught up girls' attention with implemented the classic yet well-finishing details, the Chinese beaded knot
Green-ish jade and red-ish beads been used throughout the collection, I love how the brand applied the beads elements onto the accessories..
but for the garments, it seems like obviously-used of Chinese ancient's beauty. 
too many dragon-embellished, golden-trimmed and the rounded glasses.. hmmm..

I am thinking that a China Girl won't like to wear a dragon-patterned cape to walk down on the street...
maybe applied the colours of dragon-patterned such as yellow, green or red on the accessories, it would be better design to wear for the dolls..

wonderful mix of structured prints with vibrant doses, Mary Katrantzou never let me down for few years.
flowers with leaves pattern been widely used in the Fall 2011 collection, I love how she applied the solid layering on the colour blocking with my lovely shade of darker.
it emphasizes more the silhouettes with the sleek hairstyle by the models.

the golden yellow colour which symbolized the wealth and power of royal is brilliantly simplify-used on the shoes with adding the flowers details and beading-trimmed. 
it's great design compare with the golden dragon-embellished which appeared on the cape by Ralph Lauren.
the Chinese elements been well-modified by Mary Katrantzou which not literally or purposely presented.

the direction slightly goes to East, bright-coloured beads, knots and golden-embellished are the jewelry trend alert which we could highly-expected in the coming seasons.

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