fashion girls for Japan

An exciting fashion event 'Fashion Girls For Japan' is coming to Tokyo next weekend, 23th & 24th April 2011 which is overwhelming success in New York.

Designer sample sale which 100% profit will go to a registered non-profit organization, civic force.
gathered pieces from the branded and sell it with discount, show the warm support to give a little help who those people who really it.
this event is organized by SAVEJAPAN!, HIRAO INC., GYRE OMOTESANDO.
for more details, click here♥

besides, in order to maximize the fund for Japan and the people, Charitybuzz which generate the online auction and spread the words to all the people around the world, 'Do good, Live well'
Fashion & Friends for Japan Online Auction, click here♥ 

and remember you could send your love to Japan with these 6 great ways.

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