artistic skeletal expression

Skinny could be interpreted as 'in' on the runway stage nowadays.
The models been through a fashion wow wow life in front of the public but there is not-so-easy for themselves.
For me, the woman's body part which between tips of hair and neck is the most attractive disposition than overall.
I like the hair keep flowing in between. Such a artistic expression!

Wei Ting Liang introduced a futuristic collection for her final year project with themed of 'Reveal - the inner self'.
the rib-bone-inspired cutting and design make her collection even more worth-seeing.
White colour been used as the main emotional structure to represent the purity of design, it's a colour symbolized death which is the inevitable journey for us to a whole new world.

Surgery room is the concept for this collection to bring out how going on of the process of reborn.
To remove all of the exterior burden and shell, the trueness would be reveal which underlying depth of the concept. Subtly with a sense of thrilling.
the inner self could be translate into an impressive form of fashion language, adding on with the skeleton-inspired garments.. the truth is that we can't lie in the world of not-so-easy to reveal ourselves.

take a look on the amazing project through the creative video as attached:

besides, Úna Burke have the interesting leather accessories with skeletal-inspired too.
she is just awarded in Irish Fashion Innovation Awards with her leather design body suit which could even broken down into several parts, such as arm pieces, head or neck pieces, leg pieces and shoulder pieces.
it's fantastic 2-uses piece.. wear like a body suit or else accessories~  

Re.Treat leather accessories by Úna Burke been exhibited in several areas and magazine too.
I like how she break down the rib-bone-alike leather with metal studs, the combination makes the suit more futuristic and polished.
even Lady Gaga loves it♥

when you are make a starting point from the inner-self, you could be found out the essence of design.
understanding the body, take care the details and thinking out-of-box with your creative juice, it doesn't matter what you are create, but the most important you need to do it right!

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