Uniqlo pop-up store for Japan Relief

I could so sentimental towards what I feel and experience at the time.
it's hard to explain, but I know I enjoy in the sentiment.
How do you think of energy-saving?
I cant be an innovator to create something great..
but I could be one of the people to do something good, just like our beloved Uniqlo.
actually I pondering about the energy-saving, it's definitely a great cause..
but I found out it's only happened in the developed countries.

Silky Dry and Sarafine range by Uniqlo which launched at the last year and it's bestselling for the summer version - Heat Tech inner-wear series.

Emphasize "wearing nothing" with moisture and comfort fabrics, Uniqlo says you won't wearing extra clothes since the fabrics are so thin and smooth.

Uniqlo pop-up store been introduced yesterday at Ikebukuro station which is a special store for two months limit.
Stocks up with the cooling clothes which included v-necks, crew necks, camisoles and boxer briefs and so on are typically retailing for about $12.
helping Japan citizens to stay cool in this summer which totally a new scenario with shortage of energy towards Japan due to the tragedy on 11th March 2011.
it's glad to know that Uniqlo would donate ¥100 of every sale to Japan earthquake relief efforts.

check it out if you are there^^
and remember you could send you love to Japan with 6 great ways♥
Happy Earth Day!

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