cheer me up

systematic and encouraging slogans by a cheerleading team are kind of spirit which quite essential for a team..
I love to see how ōendan playing their external advices to cheer up their favourite team, especially their costume..

before fuminized (front)

after fuminized (back)

most of them included red and blue in the cheerleading outfit, it's pretty eye-catching and full of spirit..
what I have in mind about the red and blue, I think it's not only represent the brighter colour but..

cutting sleeves

sewing stud on the pocket

stud at the pocket.. done^^

both of them symbolize two different theme.. red is more towards spiritual, prosperity and easy to grab attention.
and the blue symbolize the calm, steady and strong.. combine both of it.. I think it's the spirit behind cheerleading.

cutting trim
puzzle-alike trim.. done^^

I redesign a plaid shirt to become a vest with rocker style, sewing some studs on the collar and pocket..
cutting the trims like puzzle-shaped to create more layer on it.

after fuminized

wearing my redesign vest with the cheerleading-inspired colour theme.. red + blue
want to fullfill the positive spirit which I always emphasize as the cheerleading ..
never give up

pom-pom cheering for those who posses the similar spirit like me on the dreams in life^^

blue sleeve shirt from Converse; plaid shirt from Fumiko Kawa Redesign; tiered lace-trimmed denim skirt from Taiwan; 

belt from Taiwan; nerd glasses from Korea; 
black bracelet from Giordano, Hong Kong; white bracelet from my friend; red+white studs bracelet from Japan; 
black ring from Japan; net-socks from Lolita store, Japan; lace-up boots from Dr.Martens

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