eco touch

when everybody talks about the end of the world, do you really concern about what's you could do to save the world?
I am not a strong eco-friendly people, but I always try to do something which could make a little changes to our earth.

when I made the elle homme shirt redesign, the shade of beige always make me feel like I am drowning in the sea of nature.
I wish to wear it with more interesting ways, make it to become a scarf-alike ...
the clean cuts with the flower-embroidered pop out with wavy-layering which I really heart for it.

ruffles top from Singapore; Elle Homme redesign shirt from Fumiko Kawa Redesign; asymmetrical linen pants from Japan

pocket-with-no-pocket, sounds weird ..? ..
actually I always meets a lot of design like that, especially design pieces from Taiwan, Korea, Japan...
the asymmetrical and different design of the linen pants make everything looks beautiful.

sometimes you don't really need it to function like an exact thing, but the more important is the idea behind the design.

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