Fashion Trend in Japan (May 2011)

there are almost 2 months after the big tragedy in Japan..
really hope it would getting well recovery as soon as possible, blessing the people there would having a better life soon.
remember you could help to Japan through these 6 great ways here♥
Here we are again for another fashion month to sneak peek what's trends are heating on the Japanese street^^

Spotted: stripes

* stripes bring out the feel of nautical, making the new trend of relaxing style.
* choose a cropped tee with stripes and match it with a maxi dress, you could ask your friends out for a beach summer gathering :)

Spotted: sleeveless trench coat

* the new-defined style : sleeveless trench coat, sleeveless makes the overall more polished and cool elegant.
* match it with an oversized top + shorts, you could simply wear it for a girls meet-up.
* maybe consider to have a DIY on the trench (just cut out the sleeves, sewing nicely on the trims) in your wardrobe to save the $ to buy a new one^^

Spotted: cut-out

* cut-out makes every pieces looks stylish and interesting in design.
* wear a top inside with cut-out back shirt, could easily to show the layering in front and behind of your overall too.
* the cut-out shoulder shirt shows sexy and more layering style to the overall, love it so much^^

Spotted: flag patterns

* flag pattern is the must have in this season.
* showing the coolness and attitude style for overall, choose a washed-out flag patterned tee for your closet!

Spotted: maxi dress + heels sandals

* ankle-length of maxi dress + a heels sandal definitely worth to invest in this season^^
* add on a headwrap or floppy hat which could heighten your beautiful summer look.

Spotted: denim

* denim is everywhere.
* a denim dress be a staple for your Spring/Summer outfit which pops out the youthful and free style for your look.

* a romper in Spring, keep fashion by your side!
* lovely romper is easy to wear and lovely to mix and match with the accessories.

* floral in the spring.
* bring out the romantic elements to overall style, match it with a cardigan to create layering look.

* chino pants show the femininity and softness of woman.
* matching it with a boyfriend blazer + a heel sandals to create the most fantastic Spring/Summer style.

Spotted: boxlike bag

* boxlike size leather bag is the new trend to have a girly vintage look among Japanese.
* choose a 2 ways squared bag, you could wear it like a backpack or hold it like a satchel too.

Spotted: scarf accessorized

* scarf-accessorized still heating on the Japan streets. 
* braided hairstyle which match with a scarf to add on a touch of feminine to your look.

Spotted: short socks

* short socks with plain colour is very suitable to wear and match with heels sandal to create a layering vintage style.

Spotted: Heel sandals/sneaker-alike brogues

* fish mouth-alike heels sandal is the big new trend among Japanese Dolls.
* I like the cut-out part in front of the sandals which could show up your nails in a more gorgeous and feminine way.
* choose a pair of bandage-style with stripy sandals, stylish fringe style or a zip-designed for your coming summer!

Spotted: Pentax RS 1500 + DIY camera covers

* a Pentax RS 1500 be a must have for stylish Japanese to shoot the sweetest moment in their life.
* the part which I captivating the most is there are many DIY camera covers available for exchange, cute patterns, flag patterns, stripy patterns and more that you could choose!

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