Heart For Japan

when we are happily eat and drink as usual on 11 March 2011, Japan are suffered with the big tragedy which we could not imagine of how the victims been through for their tough days after the earthquake and tsunami.
all the people around the world, gather together, unite with each others and action to Japan!
actually we could do something which is really helpful to Japan, donate and pray.

A renovated wooden house has built nearly 50 years which located at Meguro, Tokyo, it was intended to connect those people who are affected by the earthquake and tsunami.
It is a place for those victims who could connect each others at the heart of Tokyo.

"Heart For Japan" project which included kinds of small single event, there are come to the third version which is the talks and workshop would be held at Gallery Yasashii Yokan.
the profits and earns will go to donation for Japan Relief. "Heart" to deliver the love for those victims and people who really need for help and starts from the heart of Japan.
for those who are interested to join into this Harekasa (Japan Fashion Association General Release) Charity Workshop event, click here for more recruitment information.

there are some interesting workshops...
for the 1st Workshop, it's included the fun to create puppet with the scissors, needles and glues.
through the lovely colourful puppet, anyone who could really enjoy in the process of making the puppet with only 500 yen per person.
otherwise, you could choose a gift pack with only 1000 yen per person + related materials.

for the 2nd Workshop, it's my favourite to join for.
Anyone could just pay 500 yen for workshop fees and you can create, remake or design a tee shirt with kimono fabrics and ribbons.
you could simply make you imagination gone wild with create a brand new piece by yourself, with collage fabrics, patchwork or anything as you like it.
I love this kind of creation and anyone could have a chance to be a fashion designer for your own♥

for more workshop details, you could also click here to view through^^

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