bricks it up

Perhaps I don't ever play any toys when I was a little girl..
so when I get touch with the 'well-known' bricks, I am much expected to play it.

LEGO is kind of constructive toy with mini creatures, bricks and minifigures.. and various part of it.
the most I captivating about it is the variety of colour.. bright colours bricks

I love to redesign the Lego bricks to become a minimalistic ring to wear.
.. assemble the bricks, not a proper model for Lego..
but something inspired in the fashion.
(more LEGO redesign will keep update soon, stay tuned^^)

it's used to have a LEGO fashion storm on the runway show.. a few years ago...
and I think that LEGO-inspired fashion might be trending back recently in another context of style.

take a look here for the creative LEGO-inspired heels too♥

not necessary appears on the runway stage, but at the street corners which always shine our fashion style on.

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