levitation + planking = leviplanking

ever join yourself in the trends of Levitation or Planking photography?

I saw these photography trends from different countries..
I think it's interesting than the usual photography poses, so I think maybe I could just give it a try.

* purposely wearing actual front-side of the tank(embroidered) as back.

Shot for different poses of levitation and planking, and I modified it by myself to combine both of the poses..
to be 'levi-planking'.

before shooting, I thought it's easy job to pose it like I am flying or I am dying..
actually when I excited to shoot it.. ready for pose.. and gosh.. you know what..

it's easy that you just lie down on the ground and take a photograph.. but,
it's pretty hard to maintain the planking pose which I need to plank on the chair for few seconds.. lol

I like to plank on the chair as my hairs keep laying down which show the layers of hair movement..
it's more interesting than usual planking pose which I think it's more fun, presentable and entertain^^

need to take the breath and keep the pose right, for the result, I can't laugh.. I need to control my facial expression and acting cool with planking.. just like I really attitude in planking..
and I still pose like 'blanking'.. my body facing up and lie down on the chair.

long sleeve black shirt from Taiwan; neon-orange embroidered tank from my mum; blue oversize shorts from my lovely aunt; lace-trimmed socks from Japan; lace-up boots from Dr. Martens

it's really interesting to try on new poses in my styling post.. more to come♥

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