Japanese Meow Meow Ears Headband

when you are watching the creative, funny and incredible sharing video on facebook..
do you ever think that how wonderful of this world and there are too much creativity which happened at every corner of the world.
Japan always be my first and ever source of inspiration, there are many motivation on trends and style which create kinds of amazing stuffs and designs, amazed all of us.
Neurowear, a brand new creation which I found out recently and really wish to share with you all here.

Neurowear is an interesting project to develop fashion items which using the brain waves and other bio-sensors to express your condition before you are starts talking. 
People are thinking that our body has limitation, there are much things we couldn't control of.
So, Neurowear wish to create something new, maybe doesn't exist before and it could augment our body or ability.
this is the concept of Neurowear.

It created a new accessories named "necomimi" which are very impressive and interesting to try on.
it looks like a pair of cat's ears with pretty colour-embellished..
which are a new communication tools using the brain waves sensor to utilize our brain waves and reacted before we are talking.
besides the commercial use, it would be useful for those mentally disable people to help them to express their emotion and feeling.
it could be used with other applications too.

when you are wearing on the "necomimi", stay focus and concentrate on something, the pair of ears would be rise just like a cat : p
otherwise, the cat's ears-alike accessories would be lie down if you are in the condition of relaxing.
when the concentration and relaxation reach a same cross line, and the ears would be rise again and move actively^^

no more extra words..
You would simply amazed by this interesting necomimi with the trailer video as below

necomimi been displayed at Omotesando Hills, Tokyo, from April 29 to May 8 2011

take a look on Japanese experience the necomimi and their review on it too♥

if you are interested to try on this cute stuff, feel free to contact:  info@neurowear.net

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