play with black sphere

you could see kinds of sphere chain necklace which available in the market..
there are consists of plastic materials, wooden materials, metal materials.. etc
and most of them are just like candy chain..
bright colours, eye-catching and attractive to wear.
and I made one too for myself, recently.

it's not a brand new concept..
but an inspiring handmade jewelry collection which been introduced by Sayaka Yamamoto
.. with her fascination and spirit to produce pieces which are familiar and common for us in a new way.

with her brand, Gem Sessions ..
she brings us kind of surprising light, meticulous creatures and voluminous brooches by her first collection named "Kuro", means black in Japanese.

sponge with velvet surface been packed into a sphere-like shaped and make it like an unique brooches necklace..

sphere-alike creation emphasize the beauty of accessories with strong impact and I like the presentation of lookbook with a clean and monotone wearing-model..
playing with the black balls and slightly go to the Kuro necklace collection..
the black colour brooch-accessories looking flat and match, but it would be better if there is various of colour to be chosen.

brooch-necklace which used the velvet material is pretty refreshing in the context of accessories, but it's still remain the shape we are familiar with..

I think that if we could mix and match different colours of sphere-brooches and match it to be a rainbow colourfulness necklace..
style would be more interesting and create a colour-blocking look too^^

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