stretchable of relaxing

Wearing the oversize knit vest from Taiwan. 
I love its stretchability which I could fold it with many angles and styles to create a more relaxing cool elegant look.

match it with a sheer sleeve top which I get from Japan and my lovely DIY light blue shorts.
all I want in this Spring is minimalistic cool outfit which I could walking on the streets with more delightful steps.

stretchable vest from Taiwan; sheer sleeve top from Comme Ca Ism, Japan; DIY shorts from Fumiko Kawa; straw wedges from Taiwan; black pearl ring & bangle from Forever 21

I love fashion, I love polyvore....
I love those set i created and enjoy the inspiration from every part of my life.

but I really wish to know how will it be in reality, in a more local environment.
so I joined a competition by Topshop Singapore.
Winning or not is not the matter, the competition allow me to 'feel' the huge gap or difference in fashion culture between countries.

one style may be great in a place, but it may appear unacceptable to others.

no matter what, it's still a great activity that I could meet up with more fashion lovers, see things differently by meeting with new people around the world.

will keep updates, see how I rock Topshop in 'fuminized' way here : p

you could vote for me, Fumiko Kawa, at here♥
*need a facebook account.

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