Singapore Fashion?

when you have a chance to gain more experience in the field you love...

would you appreciate the chance?
or simply say "No", keeping you and your hidden talent in front of your pc?

everyone could interpret fashion in their own way.
but I choose to experience the Fast Fashion Forward Style Scouts Search Competition which organized by Topshop/Topman, Miss Selfridge, Dorothy Perkins and Ben Sherman Singapore.

Topshop Knightsbridge, Singapore

I came to Topshop Knightsbridge, Singapore for my mannequin styling which I picked up the fashion item I love two weeks before.

it's really different and fresh experience if compare with Polyvore...
*oh yeah, by the way... really really not much people know about Polyvore in Singapore =,="

I need to came down to the outlet and pick the item I wish to styling for..
Polyvore Editor come to life ^^

there are many styles came into my mind, but could only decide one within limited time..
*I can't drag the fashion items I chosen, like in the Polyvore Editor to mix and match until the perfection.
oh gosh.. : (

anyway, everything is really interesting, especially the mannequin, it's very heavy for me...without my breakfast
and I need to dress it, top to bottom ><"

I chosen :
buttermilk cut-out back shirt | front | Topshop

buttermilk cut-out back shirt | back | Topshop

mink rose zip pocket vest | Topshop

white chiffon drape-side skirt | Topshop

coral leather satchel | Miss Selfridge

cream pretty flower headband | Dorothy Perkins

and a pair of peachy coral buckles wedges, for myself.
as shoes is excluded,
how could a styling be complete where there are no shoes, and no theme for the styling..?
well, its the contest rules...O.o||

I dress up my mannequin with the buttermilk cut-out back shirt as a vest,
and tie the sleeves at the back with a knot as I don't want to wear it like a normal shirt...

fashion shouldn't have a limit,
breaking the rules with some creative elements and playing it with your own way.

knot at the back

I added on a floral vest for layering purpose.
A lot of people in Singapore may refuse layering style due to the hot weather, but it could be done.

considering about the weather, I picked 2 pieces of sheer...comfort, light and airy fabric to wear.

and the headband as an accessories in the pocket since I don't want to distract the overall by adding on a necklace.. the layering between shirt and vest is what I want to emphasize with.

pocket side


for the drape-side skirt, I fold loosely into both side of the skirt.

I wish to create some flowy patterns to heighten the beauty of layering..
one more reason is that to create another alternative for those women who don't have model-like height,
just like me : p

I love drape-side skirt, it's very pretty..
but I don't have a model-like height,
I will become shorter if wearing it, how?

I fold the drape-side to become a flowy sheer pattern skirt.. : )
it makes overall more clean, edgy and slim.
*a lot of visitors try to 'discover' the drape-side skirt and ask me where can they find the piece, since I change the look it should be... hehe...

me and my mannequin styling

I dress up myself to the social night party with a velvet dress from Japan, making the layers with a sheer sleeve top and fishnet sleeveless shirt..
a knit-alike beaded top been accessorized the overall which made by myself ^^
of course there is a pair of my beloved, Dr.Martens.

Lina and me :)

social media zone

social media zone

Lina, me and Vera took photograph at the booth :)

met a lot of nice people, nice food and drinks, especially the tart  : )
Having great conversation with the judges, exchange thoughts in fashion styling and discussing further.

James Bent and me :)

"fumiko, you are doing awesome, I love the knot idea you have for your styling, it's pretty... pretty cool" 
by James Bent, a Singapore street photographer from La Mode Outré

Previous Style Scouts and me :)

"your styling is interesting, the headband been accessorized at the vest's pocket.. awesome!"

Topshop Personal Shopping and Marketing Manager and me too :)

"actually I read your blog, it's very cool.. I love your redesign ideas, and I think you are some kind of talented people who like to present your ability on others' design.. it's really great.. good luck, fumiko"

I received valuable opinions from the judges and really appreciate all the experience I gain in this competition.

and the most excited part is I get the highest public vote in the party night through the social mingle zone which provided for the audience to vote on-the-spot for their beloved finalist.
this is what I really really unexpected of ^^

Thank you so much for all the lovely people who vote for me, it's a huge encouragement for me to keep up my work^^

talking about my inspiration on stage :)

and yeah, another surprising moment which I have is when I talked about my inspiration...
there are little little screaming and applause for my styling brief...
it's like a mini-concert between me and my little fans.. LOL

during the judging moment, there are a lots of people came in front of me and told that they are super in love with my styling and took photograph together.
it's really lovely *.*v

thanks for everything and making me feel like a little-superstar who receive praises and requested for photograph by public : p haha

final touch on my styling :)

all the nice comments, impressive reviews towards my styling, highest public votes...
everything seems like in a great condition...

but, in the end =_="

I didn't get any constructive feedback on why I didn't get into the final four style scouts.. :(
since I expected more interactive along the activities with judges and event organizers.

... anyway, win or lose is not the matter for me,

through this competition..
I truly understand the huge differences on fashion style, culture and spirit between people and countries.
Some pieces are great in a place but it could be unacceptable or even weird to others, maybe?

or maybe this is a commercial competition with commercial rules in a commercialized world?

some other participants with great styling deserve a place
where they could be the style scout and contribute to the fashion world.

...some "strange" opinions for other participants from one of the judge :

"the tote bag must carry for a daytime look, it's more suitable and bigger space for women... and the clutch is for a night look..!"

Yup, I agree that a tote bag could be better choice for women to carry with their stuffs, but it's not a must.
I don't think that fashion have any rules to obey with, we shouldn't limit ourselves with "must-have or wardrobe staple"  

fashion is kind of subjective, can't even judge it with right or wrong.
... imagination should be borderless and wild, then fashion only would be created in a better way.

basically, I love what I wear.
I don't tend to any fashion brands, designs or prices to limit myself in the fashion world.
I love dressing up myself and design with many kinds of possibilities.
see things differently and follow the flow of my imagination...
to be myself..
and not to please anyone.

below are the participants creation ^^














winners : 4, 6, 7, 12

how do you think?^^

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