Fashion Trend in Japan (July 2011)

here we are the lovely summer, sneak peak the trends which hit down on the Japan streets.

spotted: sheer pieces

* sheer makes everything soften and flowy.
* sheer one-pieces are comfortable to wear in this summer.

spotted: white colour

* white is all the way.
* lovely white piece is the must have in this summer.

spotted: maxi dress

* maxi dress to create the relaxing and feminine look.

spotted: colour blocking

* colour blocking is the new black.
* mono colours make the new and refreshing combination style.

spotted: oversize pieces

* oversize top to create the casual cool style in summer.

spotted: graphic tees

* graphic tees are the must have in the summer.

spotted: pleated skirt + socks + flats

* lovely vintage look with pleated skirt + flats + socks.

spotted: romper

* lovely romper brings out the sweetness in this summer.

spotted: bell bottom denim

* bell bottom denim to create the vintage style.

spotted: accessories

* popping colours of accessories make your summer looks more interesting.

spotted: creative ways to wear a scarf

* creative ways for tie a scarf.
* make the scarf to be the packaging of it and accessorize the ear of bag.  

spotted: scarves for accessories

* knot the scarves and become the lovely head accessories.

spotted: straw bags

* straw bags are the best choice for this summer.

spotted: flats + peter pan collar

* flats and peter pan collar to make a vintage yet lovely look. 

spotted: wedges

* wedges, the beautiful shoes to wear which could definitely match your lovely summer dress.

spotted: umbrella

* umbrella be the lovely accessories for your overall style.

spotted: eyelashes

* dense and natural-ish eyelashes are the perfect make up tools to heighten your look.

spotted: brighter nails colour

* brighter nails of colour to complete your summer street style.

spotted: light curly hairstyle

* light curly hairstyle makes the summer more refreshing and natural^^

enjoy these fashion trends which I spotted in this month for your tips of summer trends :)

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