a vintage soul of summer

having a great soul to prepare yourself for this vintage early summer.

received a mail that one of my lovely blogger friend - The Stylish Butterfly who awarded my blog as one of the lovely blog...
thank you my dear^^

and it's need to reveal seven facts about myself.. umm..
here we go about my seven facts :)

- i make my first clothes when I am 10 years old.. it's for a barbie doll.. I redesign the clothes.

- i work for my first job to earn some pocket money when I am 10 years old too.  

- i love sushi so much.

- i don't tend to certain branded stuffs, I love what I buy and wear what I love.

- i graduated from Advertising-based.

- for those who read my blog, you will know that I am an independent fashion designer/stylist and blogger,
  and i work as a part-time singer too.

- i recently planning to further my studies in fashion design at the coming year.

purposely wear the front-sided of skirt as back side : p

embroidered sheer shirt from my mum; vintage stripy tank from Fumiko Kawa DIY; 
vintage floral-printed skirt from my mum; vintage bag from my mum too; 

wedges from Taiwan

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