Fashion Trend in Japan (September 2011)

Another month for a sneak peak of Japan Fashion Trends..
here we are for this lovely autumn.

spotted: colours

* colours bring the true life for styling.
* colourful tights, tops and bottoms are the pieces you can't missed off in this season!

spotted: denim

* denim is the basic piece you need for.
* relaxing and cool style.

spotted: sheer

* sheer brings out the feminine and lovely style.

spotted: white

* white represents the clean, tidy and generous.
* brings out the pretty of woman.

spotted: ordeaux & mustard colour

* another pretty colours to choose in this Autumn.

spotted: floral prints

* floral prints still heating on the streets.
* flowy and girly style.

spotted: animal patterns

* animal patterns on pieces are quirky to wear.

spotted: dark red

* dark red is the new black in this season.

spotted: below-the-knee

* below-the-knee is the new cutting we all love for.

spotted: long jacket + maxi dress

* long jacket + maxi dress = great combination for the trendy style.

spotted: leopard prints

* leopard prints still heating, girls are loving it for mix and match.

spotted: blazer in grey

* old school blazer in grey.
* perfect for a gorgeous lady look.

spotted: peter pan collars

* peter pan collar is the best accessories for our look in this Autumn.
* create layering and sweet style.

* scarves are everywhere.
* wearing it around your neck, belt, bags' accessories and so on.

* straw bags and canvas bags are heating on the street.
* back-to-nature style.

spotted: sandals & flats

* sandals and flats.
* the pretty of minimalism.

spotted: backpack + sneakers + glasses

* accessories always a great help for overall style.
* backpack + sneakers + glasses are great for a sporty look.

spotted: relaxing curly hairstyles

* relaxing curly hairstyle to create a sweet look.

So, enjoy these fashion trends which I spotted in this month for your autumn styling tips :)

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