Ikat Textiles from the world by Bunka Gakuen Museum

Ikat Textiles from the World

Bunka Gakuen Costume Museum would hold an excited exhibition which about the ikat textiles from the world.
It would showcases the different textiles and fabrics with kasuri fabrics and ikat techniques on the kimono pieces.

Kasuri_silk weft kimono_early 20th century_Cambodia

Kasuri_sally silk kinono_18th century_India

this exhibition would be hold starts from 14.10.2011 until 17.12.2011.
besides, 12.11.2011 and 12.03.2012 would be hold a gallery talk about the exhibition, 30 person only for each talk...
for more information..
Don't miss it dolls♥

Kasuri_winding cloth kimono_early 20th century_Indonesia

Kasuri_winding cloth_cotton kimono_late 20th century_Nigeria

Kasuri_cotton kimono_early 20th century

the patterns are pretty, historical and distinctive which completing a more concrete kimono piece.
Bunka Gakuen Costume Museum wishs to bring out the essence of the kasuri fabrics and ikat techniques with more complex.

Kasuri_silk kimono_20th century

Kasuri_tunic kimono_early 20th century_Uzbekistan


and to tie up all the cultures and values of the kimono costume...
to give a whole new level of understanding among people towards the history of world of fashion in Asia.

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