Jerry's Pies @Kyoto, Japan

today, I would like to share something different with you all.
but don't worries, this is still remain "fumiko", creative yet refreshing...
in the form of delicious and yummy yummy, ta-da...
pie pie^^

browse through an awesome pie store at Kyoto, Japan which named "Jerry's pies".
there are two sizes of each pie, small and medium.
and there are kinds of unique taste + home-made which are the most captivating about this pie.

I attracted by the strawberry + custard pie, it looks definitely tasteful!
and just bite it, is all I want to do now^^
[when we talk about pie, I only could imagine pie with fruits, but apple + cinnamon... cool!
 and Jerry's pies provided pies with chilies too!!]

this pie store is accepted buying online and it will shipping to your front door,
unfortunately it's only ship around Japan... sigh... my pie :(

but for those who travel to Japan, you definitely need to give it a try!!
and remember to tell me if you are really lucky to do so...
for those who can't access currently, please click here for more
delicious pie pie pictures to satisfy your desire.. ^^

and check this out, Jerry talks a little bit about his pie!

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