unexpected future, come shoot me.

I'm recently moving to city in my country.
it's so much things to move..
my pieces, my clothes, my tools, my sewing machine and more.. gosh..

with bit of exciting mood, I know I'm going to a new and refreshing world which I always craving for.
it would have more to learn, to experience and to pursue.
with risks, with surprise..
maybe the future journey would be hurt, unhappy or sad.
but, I know that I'm so expected more than I could imagine.

I move to city for a new adventure..
maybe I will seek for an internship, work in a fashion-related company,
collecting experiences, meeting with new people.. etc
and preparing my fashion design journey to London College of Fashion, in the coming September.

[by the way, here to announce this exciting news to my love all, 
I'm so glad to share this won-won-wonderful thing with you all, 
hoping I will get more and more into fashion design in the near future... 

and keep sharing my exciting fashion views here and more..]

isle prints top from Japan; skirt from Fumiko Kawa DIY; wedges from Taiwan

cheers for the unexpected future..
come shoot me^^

love yeah  ~F.

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