just imagine whatever you wish to, I will do it all for you.

when I was a kid, I have not much memory in the conditions of happy.
I didn't celebrate for any days which should be celebrated.
all I could recall in my memories,
which is the day with my dad.

I remembered I like a mock car toy, I really wish I could have it and display it on my little desk.
that time, I am five years old.
but I strongly know that I can't do that, my dad is working so hard for everyday to earn our living.
when my eyes blinking towards the toy, a gentle voice told me that "you just take it, I will buy this for you"

I really wish to get it, but I can't be so selfish to fulfill my wants and pushing my dad into a harder situation with working more and more to earn back the sum of the toy.. after the day, if I really buy it.
I told to him that "I don't want to buy it now, if I really wish to buy,  I will buy a real one for you, dad".

believe it or not,
that time I was five.
and I still remembered my dad's face dropped with tears..
which I only found out the reason of it when I grow up.

maybe it's annoying to 'force' you guys to read my story here..
[ let me know if you are really not-interested on my life, otherwise.. I will sharing more later.. lol ]

but, it's the great reason of sharing, isn't it?
to share and learn from a real-life experience is more amazing than a bedtime story,
not only the perfect details, but there are more lively in minds interaction.

t-shirt from Uniqlo; bangle from Forever 21; bracelet & suede vest & tiered skirt & velvet boots from Japan; 
mimosa jacket from vintage store

cheers for childhood memories... :)

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