Japan Valentine's Choco

you guys read the inspiration for the nails art in my Valentine's Glitter post?
nice one?
I really like the Hello Kitty patterns :)

here I found an interesting video [attached as following]
which introduce Valentine's Day in Japan.
again, Japan have another surprise to us with providing kinds of chocolate to send to your loved one.
there are Honmei, Giri, Tomo and Jibun Choco..
sounds yummy?

Honmei Choco means favourite chocolate, which you will need to send to your lover.
It's more expensive and most of them are home-made choco.

Giri Choco is very interesting, there are two types; Giri Choco and Cho-Giri Choco.
means obligatory chocolate and ultra-obligatory chocolate.
Giri Choco which presents to someone like your boss, colleagues and male friends..
and the Cho-Giri Choco is send to someone you really don't want to give the chocolate.. : p kawaii desu.

Tomo Choco represents friends.
you are simply send this to your BFF!

[don't eat me, I'm love love panda]

and the last one, Jibun Choco means the chocolate for yourself!!
that's cool.. I think this is the main thing we all obsessed with Japanese culture ^^

so, what's kinds of choco you will send it out in this year?
do share with me!

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