Valentine's Glitter

I won't going to say a 'Happy Valentine's Day'.
it's not that I don't want to bless all of the happy couples,
but, I just want all of us stay healthy, happiness and the thing I always blessing for..
world peace!
Happy Valentine's Everyday :)

even though you all don't have a Happy Valentine's Day from me,

but I definitely would like to introduce a pretty nail art [click here]
you guys could try it at home,
it's lovely Hello Kitty nails art^^

instead of wear it out on 14 February; you could make some adjustment on colour,
and wear it out in usual days too :)

I really dying to try some lovely nails art, maybe a cute little swallow..
unfortunately, I need to sew.. practice.. and work..
it's not an easy job to keep my works run smoothly, if I have these nails art..
anyway, do share with me if you having a fantastic nail art now or later : p

here is some inspiration for your lovely nails!

love-hearts inspired from;
             1. chocolatlove   2. 3. 4. 5. unknown   
                                   6. hypebeast   7. wah-nails   8. jeanettevuong 9. nail-classes   10. layoutsfinder

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