Fashion Trends in Japan [March 2012]

forgive me for the lack of blogging recently :(
I'm on Japanese Language class and exam preparation,
just over to meet with the international coordinator from UK.

hope you guys are always fine and happy!
and I will keep updating here to share everything in meticulous once I catch up
more time! ")

here to share fashion trends in Japan on March, now...

spotted: denim shirt

* denim shirt always the best choice for Spring, lovely bites!
* if you not interested in simple plain denim shirt, go for the studded collar denim shirt^^

spotted: stripy dress

* stripes, no doubt for Spring..
   but, in dress^^

spotted: cardigan

* knit cardigan.
* light and sweet fabric which create the girl-next-door style^^

spotted: crochet top

* crochet top.
* match with the shorts, relaxing style to go!

spotted: pastel tones

* pastel tone.
* create light and airy style.

spotted: printed jacket

* prints, prints and more prints!
* a sporty jacket for a spring look^^

spotted: orange-ish shorts

* orange-ish shorts to die for.
* match with a plain top + high-knees socks^^

spotted: bright colours

* bright young things.
* colour for colourful season!

spotted: peplum skirt

* skirt with peplum-shaped.
* create the lovely style for women,

spotted: beaded accessories

* beads all the way.
* choose a beading bracelet for your spring!

spotted: coloured-frames

* coloured-framed sunglasses for a vintage look^^

spotted: bags

* shoulder bag, canvas bag, clutch and bucket bag.
* all the bags are to die for, and easy to mix and match in simple style.

spotted: straw shoes

* straw wedges with prints are very nice match with one-piece dress!

spotted: natural hairstyle

* natural curves.
* brownish dye colour to create a more layering and pretty hairstyle.

hope you all enjoy this post ^^

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