macaron-inspired accessories

just done for my Japanese Language Test. and here I am for the other level,
it's still interesting, but more difficult.
quite fun with the language stuff, it's separating for different level..
which included how polite you are when you are speak in Japanese.

Q-pot introduce a super kawaii accessories which are appeared in limited pieces,
and it's available at the store right now, 
included Osaka, Yokohama, Nagoya and Takashimaya.

it's about a macaron series.
charm, necklace and strap.
there are four types of macaron:

health and beauty,
which used pearl as the embellishment on the accessories.
Pearl represents the power of beauty and health, adding on with the rose-shaped embellishment..
it's very suit for those women who seek for more feminine and lovely item to wear.

coins and mocha cream,
lovely colour to show the tasteful of mocha macaron.

life and moon.
purple colour which represent the mysterious of life,
we can't expect things that happened in our life,
but we could experience it with great ways.

love and heart,
it's not necessary to explain what's it mean of.   
have one for you and your love!

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