give me a real star

when I first to see the tattoos on Angelina Jolie,
I told myself that I will make it one, at least...
in future : p

so how you guys think about fake tattoos?
when I received a package from
I'm very happy and so expected to try them all,
there are cross prints, swallow ans stars.

I always paste the fake tattoos on my wrist or near the part of ankle,
but this time,
I tried something new.
I paste the stars' fake tattoo on my
lace up boots^^
[more fake tattoos styling soon]

it's quite nice,
refreshing and lovely!
I hope you all like it just like me,
and maybe it's time for you to make it one on your boots too^^

beads tank & boots from vintage store; sheer skirt from Fumiko Kawa DIY; 
stars tattoos from Fake Tattoos

once again,
thanks for Ana from Fake Tattoos
and of course Fake Tattoos!

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