Fashion Trends in Japan [May 2012]

I'm super duper busy on this month,
sorry for the less posts.. : p
I will keep it up harder!

so now, let's have a look what's trends are heating on Japan streets now!

spotted: linen

* linen is great material for the Spring and Summer.
* match it with denim shorts or skirt.

spotted: double denim

* interesting layering.
* shirt with shorts to create relaxing look!

spotted: denim mini skirt

* it's going to Summer soon,
   it's time for you all to wear a pretty denim skirt!

spotted: crochet

* feminine style.
* crochet patterns make the whole look more interesting and playful.

spotted: peplum

* lovely design.
* to create sweet style.

spotted: love shape cutting

* love shape.
* cutting at the back to create a sexy yet lovely style.

spotted: turquoise 

* turquoise colour.
* to create a little mix of bohemian style!

spotted: straw hats

* to create a more relaxing style.

spotted: shoulder bag

* easy to bring.
* colours to choose.

spotted: peep toes shoes

* it's time to wear a pair of peep toes shoes.

spotted: sandals

* convenient.
* and that's great shoes for you all in the coming summer!

hope you all are enjoy the fashion trend in Japan on this month!
see you next month!
love you all^^

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