Fashion Trends in Japan [June 2012]

*ta da ta da*
here we are for another fashionable month,

Yeah, I will not going to say much : p
Check it out on what's fashion trends are heating on Japan streets now!

spotted: floral

* we will always not forget about floral prints in Summer!
* choose a bright colour + floral prints and match with your khakis :)

spotted: stripes

* stripes tee always the coolest piece which you definitely love it in Summer!
* an oversize tee which match with a denim shorts, perfect for Summer :)

spotted: short tee

* tee is always trendy.
* but, short tee is more and more cool to wear for a layering style!

spotted: rock tee

* except of floral prints, if you wish to be hot in this Summer,
   trust me, choose a rock tee and match with your denim!!

spotted: pastel

* Japanese girls are screaming out loud with the most sweetest pastel colour!

spotted: 2 ways piece

* a piece with two ways!
* wear your dress up, and match it with a blazer, long dress, stripes tee, tights or a tank!
   wear it all the ways which you could say out!

spotted: flag pattern

* where you are be, where you could see the flag patterns!
* choose a piece you like and wear it now!

spotted: floral denim

* floral prints is not only about tee, but denim too!
* choose it for your bottom, and match a rock tee for your top!!

spotted: broad-brim hat

* wear the tee is not enough to show how you are lovin' Summer!
* match your tee and floral bottom with a pretty broad-brim hat :)

spotted: cap

* if you are not interested in the sweetness of broad-brim hat,
   then a cap would be a perfect accessories to level up your hot style in this Summer!

spotted: ethnic-pattern

* ethnic-patterned accessories.
* match it in layering with different colour!

spotted: straw

* how could you forget little straw bag in the Summer?...
* choose a straw bag with colourful trims, to bring out a very summer look!

spotted: colours

* and don't forget to bring a colourful clutch inside with your straw bag!

spotted: socks with patterns

* transparent socks with patterns on it!
* just looks like tattoo on your leg, cool to try!

spotted: cut-out shoes

* cut-out shoes/see-through shoes.
* match it with a pair of socks, totally bring out the beauty of layering!

hope you all are enjoy the fashion trend in Japan on this month!
see you next month!
love yeah^^

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