Twit on your twitter dress

I bet you all have a twitter account,
and writing your tweets with every moments which you are wish to share.
But a twitter dress?
It's a combination between glorious and technology.

Nicole Scherzinger makes a wow entrance on the red carpet,
with wearing a digital haute couture twitter dress by CuteCircuit.

CuteCircuit is a London-based fashion company 
which designs wearable technology pieces and interactive fashion.

This twitter dress's able to update the words by fans and press
It's made by french chiffon changeant and sewn by
thousands of Swarovski Elements + LED lights.
Nicole Scherzinger wears this twitter dress for the launching of
Britain’s 4G mobile network EE.

The twitter dress is stunning with
the lights keep shining and gorgeous well-fitting with Nicole's figure!
It's definitely a show-stopper dress,
maybe lack of dimensions in functionality.

How you all think about this digital twitter dress?
Could digital be one of the elements to shape the freshness of
fashion design in the near future?

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