The eye-opening trip to France-Monaco [part 1/9]

Happy 2013!
A relaxing yet excited journey is great for us.
I back from France recently.
Hidden surprises, this is the best word I could describe for the journey!

Throughout the trip, I know how big this beautiful world is,
how western culture and lifestyle fascinating are,
how unique point of views are when I look into the western countries, as an Asian,
how by-foot trip so challenging is,
and more and more and more!

I know you all will not believe in this,
I'm walked for all the places when I travel to France.
By foot, mine.
Except for those amazing-race which I cant reach so easily,
St-Augustine,Nice to Monaco.. oh!

Here I share all the wonderful images,
throughout the whole journey by parts;
Amsterdam - Nice - Monaco - Jeansation Awards - The new Fumiko^^

A visit to Museum of Asian arts
Musee des Arts asiatiques

Part of South East Asia

hope you all like it!
and get inspired.

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