The eye-opening trip to France-Monaco [part 8/9]

We all enjoyed the great denim fashion show at Grimaldi Forum, Monte Carlo.
After the competition,
I walked through the entire city, Monaco is very beautiful.

People are friendly, nice views, great shops
and fascinating streets.

I enjoyed every moments at there,
although it's seems like a tired trip.
Lacks of sleep, rushing time and eating breads all the way.
Anyway, french breads are tastes good!

I do speak a little, really the small amount of french,
but it's seems like not useful at all throughout my trip,
maybe I'm speaking with not-so-correctly tone of it.
I met many people along the walked-roads,
they are lovely.

You know what?
the first sentence which we are start to communicate is
"You are Japs? Are you come from Japan? Nice... Konichiwa!"
It's warm and cute greeting~

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