A long way for Jeansation [part 9/9]

Hey all, I'm back from France...
regret to inform that I didn't make it.
But, here to share all the updates, talented and
a little piece of my voice after this.

Actually, I feel happy when I knew I make it to the Final of Jeansation.
excited, it's just simply can't describe with words!
As you all know that, I have no fashion design graduate background,

But, I always try the best which I can
to learn the new things and all related to fashion.
I feel so so happy I'm pushing myself into this international competition
with my original own design.

When I've been informed that I could have a final fitting with my creation and model,
I felt relieved, I wish to present my idea with my own final way.
As this's the first time I could see my creation
walks down on the runway, in live.

At the day, at the moment,
my model walked out...
but I was so excited and shocked at the same time, my creation been "wore-wrongly"...
just wrong, wrong and wrong which compare to 
my original creation which I wish to be present!

The skirt with sheer detailing which is supposed to be split to the left-sided,
but the model wore it at the middle.. gosh
and the tank shouldn't be wear it under the skirt,
it should be shown outside, and I sew it like a two layers' design.

And I didn't expected the model wore a tights!
These are just not what I wish to present.

Although the model is wearing my design with adding a touch of glam,
but I'm still prefer to present it with girly-punk feel.

details of my design

I think it's better for you all to see my original creation as above,
then you all probably get the picture!
I'm not-so-mad, but disappointing with the respective organizer.

I think a great show is not just on time,
but try to respect the originality design by every designers!
There's not just to put the clothes up,
but the real and final presentable ideas by designers!
because there's only one person who knows what's his/her audience look for,
what's the style that he/she want to show to the public,
the one who is the designer!

When the finalists are requesting for the final touch of models,
to make a last confirmation which shows everything is all right,
the one-in-charge should try to listen about it, communicate with finalists,
instead of asking us to have a walk and blaming the designers dragging the time!

we are designers,
we are not somebody else!
we know our creation clearly,
and we are the one and only who completely understand 
what's the fashion design or look we want to shout out loud to this world!  
we can truly match with your event's schedule,
we can promise not to enter the backstage,
we can even not to involve ourselves into all the beauty, hairstyle... bla bla process 
but all I want, all designers want,
just to make sure our creation's final presentable look!

I'm appreciate all in this contest, sincerely...
what if this little request is beyond measure,
maybe the respective in-charge team could have a look
on the final creation photo-shooting images which sent to organizer by designers earlier!

so and so,
please show us some respect!
my dear organizer, if you wish to step into international stage.

as an encouragement for all of us too^^

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