Top 10 fashion icons of 2012

We are excited of Top 20 fashion ads of 2012,
Let's us have a short review who're the best 10 icons
who rock the 2012 fashion!

We all love Olivia Palermo,
she is sweet, gentle and stylish!
Her street style is the staple among it girls.

Rihanna seems like the hottest wanted celebrity
by super brands.
She will always show up herself in runway show,
her cool accessories is the one we desire for!

Lauren Conrad,
talented, energetic and pretty!
We love her style, especially the skirts she wear everytime,
yeah.. her blog just awesome!

Cara Delevigne just breaks the ice,
her smile, posing and style..
Be sure to check out her twitter.

Alexa Chung,
she is the one who knows herself better than others!
Her style just likes a lively wardrobe,
we all jealous!

Kristen Stewart,
Lovely Bella we always love!
She having a personalized fashion sense,
which will give us unlimited surprise when she shows up around.

Kate Middleton,
gorgeous lady with pretty dresses!
Her smile and hats always the main focus among all,
because we just love it.

Victoria Beckham,
congratulation that Romeo Beckham becomes the face of Burberry!
She is super talented, classy and cool.
I like how she dress herself like a top celebrity, indeed she is :)
but adding her gorgeous gesture like nobody!

Michelle Obama,
our dear first lady who always love to appreciate young talents.
well-fitting dresses and shiny smile are always the signature of this lady^^

Lady Gaga, mother monster!
How could we forget about this wonderful lady?!
I'm always admire with her fearless yet challenging fashion courage.
She knows herself and her fans well, surprise been prepared at anytime!
remember the Lobster hat?
nice one :)

Let's us see their fantastic style in 2013 later~

So who is your 2012 best fashion icon?
Name it,
I would love to know and discuss with you all here!

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